Paper Bag Revelations was my final project at the Institute of Design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The project included a main concept as well as all the elements needed to excecute that concept. Those elements were: bags made of paper including their prints, and an exhibition at Myymälä2 -gallery in Helsinki including the graphic identity and planning of the exhibition.

Five people acted as the starting point to the project. I asked each of them 88 questions. With the help of their answers I formed a view of what kind of first impression each person gives of themselves, and what surprising things one can find after that first impression once you get to know those people better. The paper bags were created based on those views of each individual, where the outside of the bag represents the 'facade' of the muses, whereas the inside represents something that might not have been told before.

Young Creative- award, Best of the Year 2009, Grafia.

Mikko Rikala